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Call for Expressions of Interest (EOI)

The Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA) is inviting expressions of interest in studies that seek to measure the impacts of widely-adopted CGIAR research-related interventions. Last date: 5pm CET, 13 October 2014. More information in the call document

DIIVA Synthesis Report and Impact Brief out!

Key results on adoption of 20 food crops across 30 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, data for which was collected as a part of the Diffusion and Impact of Improved Varieties in Africa (DIIVA) project, are presented in the Impact Brief No. 41. The Synthesis Report presents information on Objective 1 and Objective 2 of DIIVA.

IAFP Meeting, July 2014 & DNA fingerprinting Workshop, August 2014

Presentations from the IAFP Meeting, Minneapolis are now available. More information on the Events page. In August 2014, Greg Traxler and Mariana Kim (Gates Foundation) organized a workshop on DNA fingerprinting where findings from SPIA-led DIIVA project, and the SIAC 1.1 effort led by MSU were presented. Brief summary of proceedings on the project page.

CGIAR Impact Blog

Sep 2014

Following a call for proposals on nutrition impacts from agricultural research that SPIA issued in mid-2013, five new impact assessment studies are now in the pipeline. The lead scientists from each of these five studies, as well as SPIA and a...

Aug 2014

A recognized (and well-acknowledged) drawback of RCTs is general equilibrium concerns. What happens to (potential) impacts when interventions studied in field experiments scale-up, as in agricultural technology adoption? Even when RCTs...


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Significant publications of ex post impact assessments (epIAs), both commissioned by SPIA and CGIAR Centers and CRPs showcasing a range of methodological approaches and impacts.

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ex post Impact Assessments (ex post IAs) of research activities of the CGIAR mapped geographically, with filters for System Level Outcomes (SLOs) and types of research activities. View the map

Strengthening Impact Assessment in the CGIAR (SIAC)

SIAC is a major new initiative from SPIA funded by DFID, the Gates Foundation, and ISPC with a budget of US$ 12 million over 2013-2016 for a range of activities. The key objectives of SIAC are:

  • Methods: Develop, pilot and verify innovate methods for collection and assembly of diffusion data
  • Outcomes: Institutionalize the collection of diffusion data needed to conduct critical CGIAR impact evaluations
  • Impacts: Assess the full range of impacts from CGIAR research
  • Building a community of practice: Support the development of communities of practice for ex post impact assessment within the CGIAR and between the CGIAR and the development community more broadly

Diffusion and Impacts of Improved Varieties in Africa (DIIVA)

There are three major components to this outcomes and impact study which is supported by a 3-year, US$3 million grant from the Gates Foundation.

  • To describe investments in and uptake of crop genetic improvement in priority country-by-commodity combinations in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)
  • To verify and gain a deeper understanding about the adoption and diffusion of new varieties in a nationally representative setting of selected priority countries and food crops in SSA
  • To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the impact of crop improvement on poverty, nutrition and food security