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Jul 2016

Widely-adopted CGIAR innovations

SIAC mid-term workshops are an attempt to stock take funded studies, and through discussions provide feedback on analysis approach and preliminary results. The 30th July workshop focuses on the seven (7) studies funded under SIAC 3.1 – these are a rather diverse set of studies, some quite macro in nature, that assess the adoption and impact of a number of technologies that have apparently spread widely.

Mar 2016

IAs of under-evaluated areas of CGIAR research - inception workshop at IFPRI

An inception workshop was held on March 10, 2016 at IFPRI for four studies funded under SIAC activity 3.3 (under-evaluated areas of CGIAR research): (1) alternate wetting and drying, Philippines; (2) agroforestry, Kenya; (3) brachiaria grass, Colombia; and (4) forest co-management, Guinea (more information on the project

Mar 2016

NRM practices, ag. extension and measuring adoption

An oft-discussed issue when it comes to NRM practices (generated from CGIAR research) is what constitutes 'adoption'.

Feb 2015

AEA registry of RCTs

In 2014, we directed you to the 3ie database of impact evaluations. Here is another - the American Economic Association's registry for RCTs - one (implicit) purpose of which is perhaps to discourage ex post data mining with the focus on design and hypotheses. 29 of the 329 registered trials are tagged as agriculture, many of which are relevant to CGIAR (for instance, see this and this

Jan 2015

EASST call for evaluations in East Africa, Deadline: 02 Feb 2015

The EASST Collaborative is inviting researchers living in East Africa to submit research designs focused on the rigorous evaluation of a social or economic development program implemented in the region. Researchers must be based in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, or Uganda. Proposed designs will be evaluated by EASST, and the top ideas will be considered for research support. The full request for applications call can be downloaded below.

Dec 2014

End of the year SIAC update

We wanted to draw your attention to the last SIAC activities update of 2014 in which you will also find a brief narrative of plans for the next year. Keep an eye out for the Quality (Star) Rating/Review system in the new year. As ever, please write to us with your feedback and questions.

Nov 2014

Quick update and an interesting series

The SPIA experimental impact evaluations call announced in April 2014 is close to announcing grantees. We received 21 excellent expressions of interest (EOIs), and 8 were invited to submit full proposals, external reviews for which have been completed. The first stage (EOIs) for the other SPIA call issued in September 2014 is now over - post reviews a subset of EOI proponents will be contacted soon and asked to submit full proposals.

Oct 2014

DFID call for proposals to develop innovative methods and metrics for agriculture and nutrition

Heard of the recent DFID call for proposals to "accelerate the development of innovative and interdisciplinary methods, metrics and tools to advance scientific understanding of the linkages between agriculture and food systems, and health and nutrition outcomes, to better inform policy and programmatic actions in low

Sep 2014

Agricultural research and poverty impact assessments

At the ISPC-10 meeting on Wednesday, Doug Gollin (SPIA Chair) gave a presentation on the challenges of measuring poverty impacts of agricultural research. Some of his key points (I am paraphrasing)

Aug 2014

RCTs and general equilibrium effects

A recognized (and well-acknowledged) drawback of RCTs is general equilibrium concerns. What happens to (potential) impacts when interventions studied in field experiments scale-up, as in agricultural technology adoption? Even when RCTs measure spillovers (to the non-beneficiaries), these may not be aggregate (market) effects. As Mushfiq and Mobarak (2014) note, few RCTs examine GE consequences for both beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries.