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Oct 2014

DFID call for proposals to develop innovative methods and metrics for agriculture and nutrition

Heard of the recent DFID call for proposals to "accelerate the development of innovative and interdisciplinary methods, metrics and tools to advance scientific understanding of the linkages between agriculture and food systems, and health and nutrition outcomes, to better inform policy and programmatic actions in low

Sep 2014

Agricultural research and poverty impact assessments

At the ISPC-10 meeting on Wednesday, Doug Gollin (SPIA Chair) gave a presentation on the challenges of measuring poverty impacts of agricultural research. Some of his key points (I am paraphrasing)

Sep 2014

Nutrition impacts from agricultural research - Launch workshop

Following a call for proposals on nutrition impacts from agricultural research that SPIA issued in mid-2013, five new impact assessment studies are now in the pipeline. The lead scientists from each of these five studies, as well as SPIA and a number of external experts such as Alan Dangour (LSHTM), Inge Brouwer (Wageningen) and James Garrett (IFPRI/IFAD), all gathered in sunny Wageningen, Netherlands, on July 4-5th 2014 for a workshop organised by Erwin Bulte and colleagues from Wageningen University and Research Center.

Aug 2014

RCTs and general equilibrium effects

A recognized (and well-acknowledged) drawback of RCTs is general equilibrium concerns. What happens to (potential) impacts when interventions studied in field experiments scale-up, as in agricultural technology adoption? Even when RCTs measure spillovers (to the non-beneficiaries), these may not be aggregate (market) effects. As Mushfiq and Mobarak (2014) note, few RCTs examine GE consequences for both beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries.

Aug 2014

Evaluating integrated agriculture, nutrition, and health interventions

A recent paper (Agriculture, nutrition, and health in global development: typology and metrics for integrated interventions and research) in the Annals of New York Academy of Sciences focuses on the challenge of how best to assess impacts of integrated programs on food security, nutrition, and agriculture that also reflect the synergies of this integrated approach. As Masters et al.

Jul 2014

Drones to monitor and map adoption outcomes?

by Frédéric Kosmowski, SPIA Research Associate

Traditionally, documenting adoption outcomes (of crop varieties or natural resource management practices) has done through household surveys and expert elicitations (of extension workers, agricultural scientists, etc.), and involves accuracy and cost issues. Promising alternate technology options includes aerial imaging.

Jun 2014

Database of impact evaluations

The International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) has just launched a database of over 2500 impact evaluations. Of particular interest to the CGIAR community are the 249 evaluations tagged 'Agriculture and Rural Development', and an additional 60 'Environment and Disaster Management' and over 1550 'Health Nutrition and Population' IEs.

May 2014

New space for CGIAR Impact Assessments


Welcome to the new CGIAR Impact Assessment website. You will find a number of new features, including this blog, a Key References page featuring significant research findings related to CGIAR impacts, and a page entitled "Where is the Evidence?" that maps publications (a work in progress). In addition, we will provide regular updates on impact assessment activities around the CGIAR.