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Impact Assessment Focal Points (IAFPs) from the Centers and CRPs have traditionally been the liaison point with SPIA for impact assessment (IA) activities. This has been useful in exchanging IA information, providing updates on SPIA work program and joint collaboration on IA studies. A list of IAFPs can be found in this PDF.

SPIA brings IAFPs together through the IAFP meetings: information on forthcoming and past IAFP meetings can be found on the Events page. At these meetings, IAFPs make a brief presentation describing recently completed, currently underway or planned ex post IA studies, and highlight any methodological/institutional challenges they face related to IA. SPIA provides an update on work program and activities progress and seeks feedback.

As a part of the Strengthening Impact Assessment in the CGIAR (SIAC) program, 2013-2016, SPIA is engaging with impact assessment work at Centers and CRPs through various activities, some of which are highlighted below

  • An online discussion board that is lightly moderated, providing a forum for impact assessment scientists to discuss various impact assessment and diffusion/adoption study issues (survey design, CAPI tools, collaboration on surveys, methodological approach etc.
  • Quality rating system – an online peer review rating system of CGIAR ex post IA reports.
  • Specific thematic workshops, e.g. on diffusion and adoption of CGIAR research outputs in July 2016 (Boston) after AAEA 2016, or on measuring poverty impacts in July 2014 prior to AAEA 2014 (click on Events for more information).
  • Small Grants Program that aimed to support a variety of impact assessment activities by CGIAR scientists and CRP partners (click here for more information).
  • Call for proposals that encourage collaboration between CGIAR researchers and the academic community (click on Grants and other Announcements for information on open and recently closed calls).
    • A collaboration between Virginia Tech, CIFOR and CIP on IA capacity building was funded in December 2013 (click here for more information).
    • A collaboration between University of Illinois and ICRISAT (also on IA capacity building) was funded in September 2014 (click here for more information).

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