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A listing of all calls for concept notes, proposals and applications announced by SPIA since 2013. For the closed SPIA calls, more information can be found on the relevant activity or publications page.
Information on new calls relevant to the CGIAR from other organizations will be shown here as well but not archived. If you would like to advertise a position or call related to impact assessment in this space, please email the following information: title, 2-3 line descriptor (as below), last date if any, and link to website or page to or


Senior Agricultural Officer (Agricultural Research)

The Independent Science and Partnership Council (ISPC) is looking for a Senior Agricultural Officer to provide leadership, technical and policy advice in support of shaping, planning, implementation, and monitoring of the CGIAR's ISPC workplan, with a focus on ex-post impact assessment of CGIAR research for development. Applications close July 23 2016. Please see vacancy announcement for more information.


Agriculture finance specialist: climate change, agriculture, food security

CCAFS is looking for an agriculture finance specialist who will play a crucial role in strengthening partnerships and developing synergies between CCAFS’ Climate Smart Agricultural Practices Flagship and the World Bank's work in this area. Please refer the CCAFS website for more details on the position

Spatial economist position at CIMMYT

CIMMYT is looking for a spatial economist to develop and implement a strategic spatial-economic research agenda around maize and wheat systems in Africa. The position contributes to CIMMYT’s research-for-development to improve the livelihoods of wheat/maize farmers and consumers in developing countries. The spatial economic analysis includes a portfolio of innovations, value/chains markets and production and consumption. Please refer the CIMMYT website for more details on the position

Two-stage call for proposals: Documenting the impact of widely-adopted CGIAR research-related interventions

The Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA) is inviting expressions of interest in studies that seek to measure the impacts of widely-adopted CGIAR research related innovations. Such innovations are distinct from those still in the pre- or early-adoption scale like those under field testing or in pilot studies and hence not validated by significant diffusion. This research in a sense targets ‘research successes’ that, due to their already widespread diffusion, lend empirical support to the global (or regional) public goods argument for CGIAR research. SPIA hopes to fund 3 or 4 large studies. The budget of individual proposals should not exceed USD 200,000. We give preference to proposals that provide some co-financing to the study.

Details can be found here

Please email expressions of interest (EOIs) to: Tim Kelley,, cc’d to Ira Vater,,, no later than 5pm, CET, Monday 13th October 2014.

CIP Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

CIP is looking for an M&E Specialist under the new Jumpstarting project in Nigeria, Ghana, and Burkina Faso. More information on the CIP site.

Impact Assessment Postdoc CIAT

CIAT is recruiting for a Impact Assessment Postdoc who will lead the impact assessment work in Central America related to different CRPs and CIAT activities. More information on the CIAT site.

Open positions at CIMMYT

CIMMYT is recruiting for a number of positions: Foresight and Targeting Economist; Poverty and Social Inclusion Specialist; Wheat Economist; and a Social Scientist (Gender and Sustainable Intensification). More information on the CIMMYT site.

Two-stage call for proposals: Experimental impact evaluations of CGIAR research

The development of new technologies by the various CGIAR Centers/CRPs and their NARs partners seems to hold great promise in addressing the challenge of low agricultural productivity. Yet evidence on whether and how new technologies contribute to increased productivity, income, and ultimately household welfare is limited. The pathway from technological innovation to household welfare is long and complex, and a better understanding of direct and indirect linkages along steps in this chain is needed to fully understand whether and how new technologies can fulfill their promise. The CGIAR Independent Science and Partnership Council's Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA) will support experimental studies (randomized or natural) that will provide rigorous casual evidence on these linkages, and where the situation warrants, the potential bottlenecks along the impact pathway.

Details can be found here

Please email expressions of interest (EOIs) to: Lakshmi Krishnan,, no later than 11:59pm, CET, Sunday 1st June 2014.

Research Associates

SPIA is recruiting two Research Associates to be based in Sub-Saharan Africa to work on improving data collected in the World Bank LSMS-ISA panel regarding agriculture technologies. More information in the TOR

The call for applications is now closed – shortlisting and selection in progress. Updates on this SIAC activity (2.4) will be posted periodically and new RA selection posted on the About SPIA page.

Call for proposals: SPIA Small Grants Program

The CGIAR Independent Science and Partnership Council‘s Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA) is soliciting 1-page proposals on impact assessment (IA) activities from CGIAR Scientists and CRP partners. SPIA will support a variety of IA activities with grants less than US$10,000 through a simple, fast approval process on a rolling basis.

Application can be found here

Please email concept notes to: James Stevenson,

The call process is now closed. 6 applications were received between October 2013 and March 2014, and 4 have been funded. Due to a combination of administrative and budgetary constraints, the call was closed to applications in March 2014. Details of proposals funded can be found on the Methods page.

Call for proposals: New partnerships for building impact assessment capacity

The CGIAR Independent Science and Partnership Council‘s Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA) is soliciting brief concept notes from any organization or individual interested in undertaking an activity or a set of activities aimed at building capacity within the CGIAR for conducting ex post impact assessment of agricultural research. This call falls under Objective 4 of a new program on “Strengthening Impact Assessment in the CGIAR” (SIAC) which seeks to enhance the capacity within the CGIAR, at both Center and CRP levels, to conduct highly credible ex post impact assessments across a range of research areas.

Details can be found here

Please email concept notes to: Timothy Kelley,, no later than 11.59pm, CET, Sunday 15th September 2013.

The two-stage call process is now closed. 11 concept notes were received and 5 proposals were shortlisted for full proposal stage. One proposal from Virginia Tech working in collaboration with CIFOR and CIP was selected in December 2013. More details of the proposal funded under this SIAC activity (4.2) can be found on the Methods page.

Call for proposals: Assessing the impacts of international agricultural research on nutrition and health in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia

This call for proposals by the CGIAR Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA) is motivated by the need to broaden and deepen the evidence base regarding the potential for agriculture research and development to leverage health and nutrition benefits. The intention is to complement, not to duplicate, on-going work in the A4NH and other CGIAR research programs, and to give priority to areas that until now are relatively “under-evaluated”. This prominently includes activities related to measuring the impact of research-derived interventions that plausibly impact on nutrition and health. Further, to enhance synergies and coherence across individual projects, this impact assessment program has a geographical focus on sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.
This call focuses in on the following two themes:
Theme 1: Changes in crops, varieties, technologies and farm practices.
Theme 2: Changes in markets, value chains, and consumer demand.

Details can be found here

Please email concept notes to: Erwin Bulte,, no later than 5pm, CET, Friday 20th September 2013.

The two-stage call process is now closed. 12 proposals were shortlisted for the full proposal stage in November 2013 (from 56 concept notes received), and the final selections have been externally reviewed. Details of proposals funded under this SIAC activity (3) can be found on the Impacts page.

Request for concept notes: Advancing methodologies for tracking the uptake and adoption of natural resource management technologies in agriculture

This call for two-page concept notes focuses on
Theme 1: Innovative methods, tools and techniques (e.g., the use of satellite imagery, remote sensing, mobile phones, etc.) to track and document the adoption of NRM technologies or a tapestry of NRM technologies.

Theme 2: Methods that can be routinely applied to document trends and patterns in adoption of agricultural NRM technologies at a broad geographical scale (i.e., landscape, regional, or national level).

Theme 3: Methods that can be evaluated against a ‘benchmark’ method to test its effectiveness (as measured by accuracy) in estimating the adoption rate.

Details can be found here

Please email concept notes to: Mywish Maredia,, no later than Saturday 31st August 2013.

The two-stage call process is now closed. 6 concept notes were received and externally reviewed. Full proposals were requested from 4 proponents and based on external review by the same panel, 2 awards (IRRI and CIMMYT) have been made. One proposal was given seed money to revise and resubmit for review and (potential) funding. Details of proposals funded under this SIAC activity (1.2) can be found on the Methods page.

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