Germplasm Collection, Conservation, Characterization and Evaluation, 2009-2010

This study was intended to document (measure and value), to the extent possible, impacts related to the germplasm collection, conservation, characterization and evaluation (GCCCE) activities by the CGIAR. As past efforts in this sort of assessment had been limited in scope, scale, data and methods, one of the key objectives of this study was to propose a conceptual framework and set of methods that might be applied in future efforts to estimate these types of impacts. The perspective taken with respect to valuation was derived from the concept of total economic value, which embraces multiple sources of value.

Outputs include:

  • A literature review by Melinda Smale and Jean Hanson, January 2010 (PDF)
  • A scoping study of possible new case-studies by Jonathan Robinson, October 2010 (PDF)
  • Case-studies on the impact of GCCCE in the CGIAR by Jonathan Robinson and CS Srinivasan, September 2013 (PDF)

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