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  • Through a funded collaboration with the University of the Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and ICRISAT, SPIA organized a workshop on “Advanced Methods in Impact Assessment” on ICRISAT campus, Nairobi (Kenya) between 21st and 25th September, 2015. The workshop was well-attended by CGIAR scientists (including biophysical scientists) from CGIAR Centers and a few NARS partners from around the world. In many senses, this was a first of its kind, and like any event there are always challenges and lessons to learn. For instance, non-economists who use SAS, SPSS, and R found it trickier to use STATA – the preferred statistical analysis package of economists. Given the mix of disciplines in the room, and the objective to cover the full range of quantitative impact assessment approaches, there was little time to discuss some topics (regression discontinuity design and endogenous regression switching models) in-depth – a preference expressed by some economists.
    Oct 2015
  • We wanted to draw your attention to the last SIAC activities update of 2014 in which you will also find a brief narrative of plans for the next year. Keep an eye out for the Quality (Star) Rating/Review system in the new year. As ever, please write to us with your feedback and questions. We also welcome contributions to the blog on impact assessment (challenges in methodology, data collection, results etc.) at CGIAR Centers and CRPs. We are also happy to post announcements on IA training workshops, conferences or call for proposals.

    With best wishes for the holiday season and a very happy 2015,

    the SPIA @ ISPC family

    Dec 2014
  • At the ISPC-10 meeting on Wednesday, Doug Gollin (SPIA Chair) gave a presentation on the challenges of measuring poverty impacts of agricultural research. Some of his key points (I am paraphrasing)

    Sep 2014
  • Following a call for proposals on nutrition impacts from agricultural research that SPIA issued in mid-2013, five new impact assessment studies are now in the pipeline. The lead scientists from each of these five studies, as well as SPIA and a number of external experts such as Alan Dangour (LSHTM), Inge Brouwer (Wageningen) and James Garrett (IFPRI/IFAD), all gathered in sunny Wageningen, Netherlands, on July 4-5th 2014 for a workshop organised by Erwin Bulte and colleagues from Wageningen University and Research Center.

    Sep 2014
  • Colleagues: 

    Welcome to the new CGIAR Impact Assessment website. You will find a number of new features, including this blog, a Key References page featuring significant research findings related to CGIAR impacts, and a page entitled "Where is the Evidence?" that maps publications (a work in progress). In addition, we will provide regular updates on impact assessment activities around the CGIAR.

    This website is managed by the Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA), but it is very much intended as a space for CGIAR-wide impact assessment activities. You will see this particularly reflected in the publications section. In time, SPIA plans to feature a large and quality-rated database of CGIAR impact assessments, allowing readers to see a broad range of impact assessments and to derive useful impact-related information.

    I hope this site will become a focus for the economists and scientists who work on CGIAR impact assessments and for all those who are interested in the impact of agricultural research. I strongly encourage all those - inside the CGIAR and outside - to contribute material for this site and to engage with SPIA. We welcome blog submissions that inform the wider community about impact work and about the challenges you face and the advances you have made.

    May 2014